Customer Protection

International Money Transfer Fraud Prevention

Kyodai Remittance is constantly looking for the well being of its consumers this is why we want to advise users on the risks of fraud that exist nowadays.

Please have in mind the following recommendations before sending money:

1. Send money exclusively to people that you know and trust.

2. Please confirm recipient details before sending money; it may be a person pretending to be someone you know.

3. Please be cautious with the messages, letters or phone calls you get, do not send money for lottery, Inheritance claims, loan offers or any prizes that require you to deposit money in advance, remember if it sounds too good to be true, have your doubts about it.

4. Under no circumstances give your banking or transaction details to anonymous people or companies that you have no confidence in.

5. If any of your relatives seems to have an emergency situation please make sure you contact them by phone and verify the circumstances are real.

6. Please try not to send money for internet shopping payments: make sure you are using a well trusted company and do not rely on places where money transfer is the only acceptable payment.

7. Be careful with advance payment for services and goods. Or people that ask you to prove that you have available funds to buy a car, other goods, or to rent a property.

8. Please be discreet with the people you meet over the internet (Online chatting, dating sites, Social Networks etc) currently there are some individuals that are using this method to gain the confidence of their victims and then tell them different stories to ask for financial help.

9. Remember to have in mind these recommendations , please protect yourself with self-responsibility from fraud or scam. If you think you have been a victim of fraud, please report it immediately to police. We can not be responsible for fraud if you ignore this warnings above

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