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How can I update my Identification Document (ID)?

You have 3 ways to update your Identification Document (ID)

Send us a clear copy of your valid document FRONT and BACK (even if it is blank) through:

Post mail
〒169-0073 Tokyo to, Shinjuku ku,
Hyakunincho 2-4-8, Stairs bldg.  2F

Bring your valid ID to one of our Branches or Agents

Kyodai APP  Follow the steps from the Kyodai APP when your document is already expired.

Valid Identification Documents (ID)  FRONT and BACK:

FOREIGNERS:    Valid Residence Card with current address


JAPANESE NATIONALS:   Driver's License with current address or My Number card with current address




* In case you sent us My Number card disclosing 'the number', we will consider as a Declaration of My Number