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How can I update my Identification Document (ID)?

You have 3 ways to update your Identification Document (ID)

Kyodai APP  Follow the steps from the Kyodai APP.

Send us a clear copy of your valid document FRONT and BACK (even if it is blank) through:

〒169-0073 Tokyo to, Shinjuku ku,
Hyakunincho 2-4-8, Stairs bldg.  2F

Bring your valid ID to one of our Branches or Agents

Valid Identification Documents (ID)  FRONT and BACK:

FOREIGNERS:    Valid Residence Card with current address


JAPANESE NATIONALS:   Driver's License with current address or My Number card with current address




* In case you sent us My Number card disclosing 'the number', we will consider as a Declaration of My Number