Kyodai Remittance - Family to Family -


1.  Verifying your transaction at KYODAI Remittance

Verify transaction ENG

2.  Please confirm the following points before visiting KYODAI Remittance Counters

2.1  Do you have the PIN (reference number) to identify your remittance?

It is advisable to ask your sender to provide you the receipt of the remittance he/she sent.

2.2  Does your name in your ID issued in Japan** match 100% as your name in the remittance details?

If there is any discrepancy in the beneficiary's name order, spelling, or missing, Kyodai reserves the right to denied the payment.

Please ask your sender to correct the transaction (if its necessary) prior to your visit.

Item required:   ID with photo, issued in Japan (Non-Japanese Residents: ZAIRYU KADO, Non-Residents: Passport with visa, Japanese nationals: My Number Card or Driver's License)

Information required:  PIN Number (Remittance reference number) / The amount to receive / Sender's name and Country

*The transaction will be paid only by presenting a valid ID with photo. This is a mandatory requirement.

2.3  Registration at KYODAI Remittance is part of the process prior to process the payment.

Please read our terms & conditions and confirm.

3.  At KYODAI Counters              

*KYODAI Agents are not authorized to process payments. Only direct and designated branches.

3.1  We will ask you to fill out the "Statement for Remittance with Declaration"     

*the remittance PURPOSE is very important. If it is related to product trading/exportation 

business, we recommend you to bring the invoice of that payment.

3.2  The payments will be effective only if the 2.2 is confirmed. The payment currency is JPY only.

3.3  After a successfully payment process, the document "Remittance Data" will be handed to you for your kind reference.


  1. Remind that if your name in your ID is not completely same to the payment order, KYODAI Remittance cannot pay it out. This is not only due to our regulations, but also by the service of your sender chose (MoneyGram, RIA, RED Peru)
  2. If you don't have any ID with photo, KYODAI Remittance will not pay out the remittance.
  3. In case of ID lost, KYODAI Remittance cannot identify you. Please, first re-issue your ID before coming to receive a payment.