About Us

Kyodai Remittance works to provide the best possible connection for families and friends wherever they are; is not only about sending money to your beloved ones, but also a way to connect people, hopes and dreams.


We offer various options to send money abroad Thanks to our partnerships all over the world you can be assured your money will arrive in a fast way.

At Kyodai remittance we consider our customers as part of us, that is why each transaction is special and we will do our best to make sure the money has arrived properly.

We have a multinational team that works to support you day by day in the overall remittance process; we will be pleased to assist you in all of your concerns.

Company Profile
President and CEO: Yuichiro Kimoto
Headquarters: Gotanda Office, Tokyo, Japan
〒141-0022 Tokyo-to, Shinagawa-ku, Higashi
Gotanda 1-13-12 ICHIGO Gotanda Bldg. 6F-601.
Operations Office: Shin-Okubo office, Tokyo, Japan
〒169-0073 Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho
2-4-8 Stairs Bldg. 2F
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Established: 27th June 2000 under the name of UNIDOS Co.,Ltd
Capital: 39,200,000 JPY
Directors: Yuichiro Kimoto, Kashiko Kimoto, Armando Ouchida, Hem Raj Dhakal
Auditors: Kiyoshi Yoshii
Staff: 83 (as of August 2014)
Services: International Instant Money Transfer
(Money Transfer Agent, Kanto Regional Financial Bureau 0004)
Offices: Gotanda (Shinagawa-ku), Shin-Okubo (Shinjuku-ku), Shin-Okubo Eki Mae (Shinjuku-ku), Nagoya (Aichi-ken), Fukuoka (Fukuoka-ken), Namba (Osaka-fu), Extra Time ( Shinjuku-ku), Akihabara (Chiyoda-ku), Yamato (Kanagawa-ken), Isesaki (Gunma-ken), Oizumi (Gunma-ken), Ota Eki Mae (Gunma-ken), Casablanca (Gunma-ken), Oyama (Tochigi-ken), Sakai Machi Eki Mae (Gunma-ken), Sendai (Miyagi-ken), Hamamatsu (Shizuoka-ken), Hakata eki mae (Fukuoka-ken)
Promoters: Covering almost all areas in Japan
URL: www.kyodairemittance.com
Our Slogan: “From Family to Family“


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