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Kyodai Remittance - About us

“KYODAI REMITTANCE” is a service of UNIDOS Co., Ltd., a funds transfer business operator and overseas remittance specialist in Japan, registered by the Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Registration No. 00004). We have earned high acclaim from banks around the world, (overseas banks) and people at home and abroad not only for the volume of remittances we have made as a funds transfer business operator, but also for the quality of our services and compliance.


We achieve customer’s satisfaction and happiness providing the best service in order to improve human qualities and welfare of our staff and partners.

KYODAI REMITTANCE not only offers a safe and secure means of sending funds overseas, but also provides low-price service that is faster than the conventional approach of remittance through banks.

KYODAI REMITTANCE is now the only funds transfer business operator able to offer a cash pickup remittance service for all countries (our track record to date comprises approximately 150 countries and regions) as well as a service for remittances to bank accounts in many countries.

KYODAI REMITTANCE employs a staff of employees from 16 countries with the ability to speak a wide range of languages.


More options to send money abroad thanks to our partnerships all over the world, you can be assured your money will arrive in a fast way.

20 branches and agents in all over Japan ・ 32,000 ATM of the Japan Post Bank

1,300,000 and more pay out locations

Connections around the world