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How can I register in Kyodai Remittance?

Please go to Send Money

What identification document do I need for registration?

For Foreigners:  Residence card. For Japanese nationals: Driver's License or My Number card.

For more details please go to Send Money

Is it necessary to present My Number card?

Yes, Customers who have My Number card must show them. Please go to  Announcement

What information of the receiver is it necessary for registration?

Full name, Nationality, DOB, Address, Phone number, others.

Please go to  Send Money

Why is necessary to inform the relationship with the receiver and the purpose of the remittance?

This is a matter required by he Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds. In addition, from the perspective of customer protection, we have confirmed for the prevention of fraud damage . Personal Data Protection Policies

Can I send money in any Kyodai Remittances branches?

Yes, You can register, send money and request your KC card . Branches

Where are the Kyodai Remittances branches?

Please go to Branches

I would like to register by mail, where can I get the forms for registration?

Please go to Download Application forms 

If you can not print out, we will mail you the forms, so please feel free to contact us.

Can I register by Smart Phone?

Yes, You can.  Please go to Members log in

If I registered by Web, can I send money immediately?

No, You can not. We need to confirm your address by a certificated mail, so will take 2 or 3 days . Send Money

I would like to make one time remittance, do I need to register?

Yes,  Even for one time remittance, all customer needs to register.  Contact us

Can a company be registered?

Yes, Please go to Contact us

How much cost the fee?

The fee varies  depend the country, type of payment, amount, etc. Fees

What kind of payment mode do Kyodai remittance offers?

The payment mode varies depend the country. Some countries have deposit in a bank account and cash pick up.  Others only cash pick up.   Please go to Contact us

How long does it take to receive the money?

The time for receiving the money, depends on the country and payment mode.

What is the limit amount for sending Money?

The limit amount per day and per transaction  is 1 million yen. But BE AWARE, this amount does not apply to all countries.

Depending on the accumulated amount, additional documents for confirmation may be required.  Contact us

Are any countries where I cannot send money?

You can not send money to countries subject to economic sanctions like North Korea and Iran.

What can I do in case the receiver can not get the money?

Please contact us. We will support until completion of the remittance can be confirmed.

Where can I use the Kyodai card?

You can use all ATM of the Japan Post Bank

After I made the deposit with the Kyodai Card, what I should do?

Please go to Send Money

After I made the deposit with the Kyodai Card, I didn't get a notification of the end of process, what should I do?

Please go to Contact us

I can not specify the amount with Kyodai card, what should I do?

Unfortunately the Japan Post Bank ATM doesn't accept coins. If you want an specify the amount, please use Electronic Bank Transfer. Please go to Electronic Bank Transfer

Where can I see the rate of the day?

Please go to Home 

The rates are for reference only. Please note that at the time of the remittance process the rate can change.

I want to cancel the remittance, what should I do?

Please contact Kyodai Remittance. Contact us

Please be aware that cancellations can not be made if bank transfer or cash pick up mode has been completed.

I sent 1 million yen, but I didn't receive the notification of the completion of the remittance, what should I do?

1 million yen can be remitted, but BE AWARE that additional document for confirmation is required.  

Please contact Kyodai Remittance. Contact us

Why do you need additional confirmation if I send more than 800,000 yen?

We are sorry for the trouble, but from the perspective of customer protection, we have to make additional checks. Thank you for your understanding.

How will the personal information provided be treated?

Customer information is only for overseas remittance procedures. It never will be disclosed to third parties for other uses. Personal Data Protection Policies

I want a history of remittances, how much does it cost?

Transaction History Record are for Free.  Please fill up the request for it.  Download application forms

I moved to a new place, how can I change my registered address?

Please send us, your ID document with the  new address for update in our Database. Be aware that the update in the document must be made by the authority related.

Where can I make a complaint?

Please contact Kyodai remittance, we will do our best to meet your  needs.  Or you can contact:  Tokyo Bar Association, Dai Ichi Tokyo Bar Association or Dai Ni Tokyo Bar Association. International Remittance Transaction Terms

I would like to cancel my membership, what should I do?

Please go to Contact us

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