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Receive Money

How to receive money in Japan

What do you need?

  1. Identification document.   NOTICE that your name in the payment order MUST be in same order of your Identification document (ID) valid in Japan.
  2.  PIN number, provided by the Sender.
  3. Fill up Registration form in case you are new Kyodai customer.
  4. Fill up the Statement for Remittance with Declaration (Receive form).


how to receive money

Where can you receive your payment?

Visit us!  We have more than 15 branches in all Japan.    Please check in which Kyodai branch you can receive your payment.

Go to Branches page

About Identification documents

a.       In case of Foreigners, valid Residence card with current address.

b.       In case of Japanese nationals, valid Driver License or My Number card with current address.

c.       For special cases, please consult our staff for further details.

Important notes:

  1. In case of large amount of money, please contact us first and specify in which branch would you like to receive your payment.
  2. Please contact to KYODAI staff in case you have more inquiries.
  3. For more details of the usage of our service, please see the: International Remittance Transaction terms.

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