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Notice to Customers

The user of this service shall agree to the following terms and policy.  He/She shall also agree to and confirm the contents of the subsequent items.

The user shall agree to "International Remittance Transaction Terms" of the Company.

The user shall agree to the List of Policies of the Company.

The user shall confirm and agree to "Details of the personal data to be provided", "Purposes of Use at third parties", and "Financial institutions to receive the personal information" of Article 5 “Disclosure of personal information to third parties” in "Privacy Policy and Procedure".

For the sake of the exclusion of anti-social forces, the user shall represent and warrant that he/she is not a member of the Organized Crime Group defined by "International Remittance Transaction Terms" and that he/she will not be so in the future.

The user fully understands the following matters of importance related to "Preventing Confusion with Foreign Exchange Transactions by Banks, etc." described by the Payment Services Act.

  • The services are not remittance transactions carried out by banks.
  • The services do not involve deposits or savings.
  • The services are not subject to the Deposit Insurance Act or the Agricultural and Fishery Cooperatives Savings Insurance Act.
  • In compliance with the Payment Services Act, the Company has executed safeguarding guarantee agreements with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd. and has arranged to lodge a part of the unpaid liabilities towards the Depository of Legal Affairs Bureau.  The user of the services is protected by the performance deposit scheme.  In an unexpected situation, he/she can claim a refund based on the provisions of the law.

The maximum amount of any foreign remittance transaction is 1 million yen, including the fee.  Further, additional restrictions may be set by the Company, the Government of destination country and/or the financial institutions involved, according to the cumulative number of the user’s transactions and/or the cumulative amount.

When the Company receives money for a foreign remittance from the user, it will provide him/her with a receipt by an electronic means.  He/She shall consent in advance to receive a receipt by electronic means in lieu of a receipt in writing unless he/she specifically requests for a receipt in writing. 

When the user requests a foreign remittance, he/she shall declare that it does not fall under the transactions of economic sanctions (e.g., Iran/North Korea related sanctions) pursuant to the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act" and clarify the purpose of the foreign remittance.  If the purpose is import settlement or intermediary trade settlement etc., he/she shall declare the item of goods, the origin (country), the shipping area (city), and the destination (country in the case of an intermediary trade).

The Company may contact the user to verify the content or legality of the remittance.  In this case, the Company will process the foreign remittance only after the verification, and it may cause a delay that may affect the transaction by exchange rate fluctuations.