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Privacy Policy

We, Unidos Co. Ltd (hereunder "The Company"), as a fund transfer agent, will promote measures to protect customer data by establishing privacy policy, by building the scheme of customer data protection, by letting all employees of the company understand the importance of the protection of customer data and thus promoting the scheme throughout entire company basis described as below:

1. Management of Customer Data

The company will conduct due process of keeping customer's data under the well secured system by following measures installation, namely, by keeping the customer data in accurate and updated status, by implementing the measures to prohibit illegal access to the customer data, by building secured measures to let customer data free from lost/damage/manipulation/leakage etc through building the solid computer system and its management, by providing sufficient employees training and other necessary measures.

2. Purpose of usage of personal data

The company is using the customer data only for the purpose of fulfilling our business and/or services to customers.

3. Prohibition of disclosure of the customer data to the third party

The company will manage customer data control in an appropriate manner, and will not disclose customer data to the third party except following cases;

The case when the customer consented to disclose such data,

The cases when the Company will provide customer data to the external outsourcing

party in order to fulfill the services which the customer requests to the Company,

The cases when it is required to disclose the data upon regulatory authority's request.

4. Security measures on personal data

The Company will establish solid security system in order to keep the customer data accurate and kept in under the well secured conditions.

5. Customer's inquiry

When customer requests to the Company with regards inquiry/amendment/deletion of such customer data, the Company will take appropriate procedure according to the regulations after having confirmed his/her personal identification.

6. Compliance with related law and regulations

The Company will be compliant with the related law and regulations of the Japanese laws and provisions with regards personal data handling. The privacy policy will be reviewed in an appropriate timing, the Company will make efforts to improve the measurements written in this policy.

7. Inquiries

For any inquires concerning on this policy, please contact with following;

Unidos Co., Ltd.


2-4-8 Hyakunin Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-3280-1029