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KYODAI Remittance Plus

The first approved as Type 1 Funds Transfer Service Provider* in Japan!!

Licensed in March 15, 2023

*Type 1 Funds Transfer Service Provider: is the new sector of license created by the 2020 amendmet to the "Payment Service Act" to meet the needs for remittances of more than 1 million yen. While "registration" alone is sufficient for other general fund transfer business, Type 1 fund transfer business requires a more stringent "approval" in addition to the registration.*

KYODAI Remittance Plus

KYODAI Remittance has more options for large amount payments to help your business!

For overseas remittances over 1 million yen - up to 10 million yen,

please consider KYODAI Remittance Plus!

Service Launch Date: June 30,  2023(Friday)from 10:00 AM

Countries available: Indonesia,  Vietnam, Nepal, Peru

(As of June 2023, to be gradually expanded) 

Fee:     flat 5,000 yen  

Using our unique money transfer network, the money can be received in the same day!

(Please consult us the details in advance, as there is a pre-approval process for using this new service)

Maximum Amount

Purpose of remittance

Maximum Amount


Inheritance, Real estate investment

10 million yen

Asset transfer,  Trade settlement, others

5 million yen


Trade settlement, Investment, Expenses related

10 million yen

*NOTE: The maximum amount may be less than the above amount, depending on the recipient country and the detailed purpose of the remittances.


1.   First, apply for Membership to Kyodai Remittance .

2.   Next, provide us with the necessary documents to confirm the overseas remittance you wish to make and the date you wish to make the remittance  (Please note that there are different maximum limits depending on each purpose of the remittance)

  •  Contact: 

3.   After 1 - 2  days, you will be notified of our approval, and then you will be able to send money overseas.

  • Please note that we may not be able to accept your application depending on our stated conditions of usage or other screening results.
  • Please note that in principle, we will not be able to return any materials submitted for pre-approval. 

4.   We will inform you of the completion of the remittance process and its details by e-mail.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (for corporations please consult separately)

This service is provided as a Type 1 Funds Transfer Service for amounts exceeding 1,000,000 yen.  There are conditions that differ from those for amounts less than 1,000,000 yen, so please be sure to confirm the following: 

  • It is necessary to register your Japanese bank account information with KYODAI Remittance Plus in advance.
  • You will be required to provide your My Number by the time of remittance.
  • You must be a Japanese citizen or a resident of Japan (with Residence card "Zairyu Kado") and must be able to confirm that you have been working in Japan for a certain period of time.
  • Non-resident foreign nationals, underage 18, certain visa status holders, PEPs, and those whose period of stay has expired at the time of remittances are not eligible to use this service.
  • The background, reason, origin of the transaction must be clearly verified with evidence.
  • Only those who have passed a certain pre-approval process will be accepted.
  • In the event, that a deposit is not screened, or a remittance is cancelled, the funds will be returned to the customer's bank account in Japan inmediately to prevent any retention of funds.

In addition to KYODAI Remittance Plus we offer KYODAI Remittance for remittances below 1 million yen, which covers remittances to over 200 countries and regions. 

For inquieries on this new service, please mention about「KYODAI Remittance Plus」


Unidos Co., Ltd.: Type 1 Funds Transfer Service Provider (Head of Kanto Regional Finance Bureau 00004) is also available for Type 2 Funds Transfer Service Provider