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the most awarded campaign so far addressed to all our active customers, from all nationalities.



Downloading and using our Application (KyodaiApp)

Making Remittances

A - Remittances using our KyodaiApp.

B - Remittances in any of our branches or agents. 

C -  Remittances through our partners' ATM's


PRIZES WORTH ¥5,000,000


January 01st, 2022 until

December 31st, 2022


All KYODAI active customers will participate in 3 big raffles

1st raffle will be on May 12th, 2022

Categories to be raffled: Silver Bronze 

2nd raffle will be on September  12th, 2022

Categories to be raffled :  Gold - Silver  -  Bronze

3rd raffle will be on January 12th, 2023

Categories to be raffled:   Bumper*  -  Platinum  -  Gold  - Silver  -  Bronze

Bumper* = Higher star score customers (without raffle) 



Kyodai Remittance STAR AWARDS 2022  



1.1. This promotional campaign, from January 1st to December 31, 2022, conducted by Kyodai Remittance is addressed to all our customers of any nationality regardless where they send money, using our remittance service.

1.2. Rewards customers loyalty, continued activity and other special conditions, granting stars for every action. They will accumulate stars, growing their scores to reach the following ascending levels/ tiers:

  • BRONZE(Scores from 20 to 39 Stars) 
  • SILVER(Scores from 40 to 69 Stars) 
  • GOLD (Scores from 70 to 99 Stars) and 
  • PLATINUM (Scores of 100 Stars or more)

1.3. There are 3 general draws/ raffles during the campaign. The first one on May 12 for BRONZE and SILVER levels. The second on September 12 for BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD. The third on January 12, 2023 for all levels. In addition, on this date the BUMPER PRIZE will be conceded to the highest scores, without raffle. 

1.4. Winners agree to grant permission to Kyodai Remittance to use their name, nationality and prize information for advertising and promotional purposes in connection with the Promotion without additional compensation.

1.5. We are keen in showing that the prizes that our customers get in this campaign are actually handed to the winners. Therefore, we kindly ask our winning members to voluntarily take photos at our counters or send us a photo to our email: showing the award received.

1.6. Kyodai Remittance reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or to cancel, alter or amend the Promotion at any stage or to replace the prizes with other prizes of equal value if deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances arise outside of its control.


2.1. Every active customer will be set with a starting score, according to his/her transaction history. All remittances from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2021 (3 years) will be included in the calculation. 1 star for each of the first 20 transactions. "Half star" for the other transactions.

2.2. NEW MEMBERS registered in 2020, get 10 Stars as initial score. New Members  registered since 2021 get 20 Stars as initial score.

3.3. 20 extra Stars will be granted for those members who use KyodaiApp.

3.4. During the campaign period, all the participants will gain more KYODAI STARS in every transaction according to the amount sent: 

1 Star for remits up to 30,000 JPY. 

2 Stars for amounts from 30,001 to 100,000 JPY. 

3 Stars for remits of more than 100,000 JPY.


3.1. Transactions during the 4 previous months from the raffle month are Qualifying Transactions, therefore allowed to participate.

3.2. Senders and receivers must be individual customers (persons), not company or corporate customers.

3.3. Directors, employees, independent contractors, interns of Kyodai Remittance and Kyodai Market, their family members and relatives are ineligible to participate in the raffles.Kyodai promoters or Kyodai partners' staff are not allowed to participate.

3.4. Valid customer ID (Resident Card or equivalent), NOT expired, is necessary to be eligible for raffles.

3.5. Eligible customers (active + latest ID version updated), might classify in any of the mentioned 4 levels/ tiers of raffle and their corresponding prizes. Customers in higher raffle's levels are allowed to participate in lower raffle's levels.


4.1. There will be a total of (637) winners (prizes) for the entire Promotion Period.

  • 450 BRONZE level prizes (A 5,000 JPY Kyodai Market products SET or 2,000 JPY Gift Cards). 150 prizes will be awarded in each Raffle. 
  • 120 SILVER level prizes (A 9,000 JPY Kyodai Market products SET or a Chromecast with Google TV). 40 prizes will be awarded in each Raffle. 
  • 45 GOLD level prizes (A 20,000 JPY Kyodai Market products SET or an  Amazon FIRE HD 10 tablet). 22 prizes in the second Raffle and  23 prizes in the third Raffle.
  • 12 PLATINUM level prizes (A 33,000 JPY Kyodai Market products SET or a CANOVER Cross bike) in the third Raffle. 
  • 10 BUMPER PRIZE for higher star score customers, without raffle. (A Laptop) in the third Raffle.

4.2.  The Winners will be randomly selected from the entries via an electronic draw where a number will be assigned to each Qualifying Transaction.

4.3. Kyodai will notify Winners through SMS (Short message to the customer phone), an email and a phone call from our customer service. Winners will be advised to choose their prizes from the available options, confirming their current address to receive the prizes at home, as well as a Kyodai counter location.

4.4. Kyodai has the right to consider a different prize (if necessary), with the same value as the offered one.

Referential value of prizes: Gift card ¥2,000 / Chromecast ¥6,000 / Amazon FIRE HD 10  ¥15,000 / Bicycle Cross CANOVER ¥25,000 / Laptop ¥40,000

4.5. The winners must claim their prize within the 60 days after the raffle, presenting a valid ID.