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KYODAI FRIENDS CAMPAIGN 2023 🌸 Sakura Edition 🌸

🌸Sakura Edition🌸  WIN ¥1,000 EVERY TIME YOU INVITE A FRIEND !

🌸 From 2023/04/01 (Saturday) to 2023/04/30 (Sunday), we will hold our Friends Campaign Sakura Edition🌸. If you introduce a friend to KYODAI Remittance, you and your friend can each receive a ¥1,000 gift card*. Once your friend makes their first transaction, both will each receive a ¥1,000 gift card*. In order to receive the reward, the presenter and the new customer must be a KyodaiApp user. Gift cards will be given by the QUO card *.

How to participate (KyodaiApp Registration)

1. The presenter, must be a user of KyodaiApp, will need to provide their KYODAI  Number to their friends.

2. The new member should register through KyodaiApp (IOS or Android) and follow the e-KYC process.

3. During the step 10 of the KyodaiApp registration, the new member will need to enter the KYODAI  Number of the presenter in the "referral by" box. 

4. Once the new member makes their first remittance, you will be both rewarded with a ¥1000  gift card*.

*. A gift card will be given by the QUO card.




How to participate (Counter Registration) 

1. The presenter, must be a user of KyodaiApp, will need to provide their KYODAI  Number to their friends.

2. The new member can register in any counter of KYODAI Remittance.

3. During the registration, the new member will need to give the  KYODAI  Number of the presenter.

4. The new member will need to download the KyodaiApp, sign in with the email registered at counter.

5. Once your friend made their first remittance, you will be both rewarded with a ¥1000 gift card*. 

*A gift card will be given by the QUO card.

If you need more information please do not hesitate on contact us.



1.1. This promotional campaign, from April 1st to 30th, 2023, conducted by KYODAI Remittance is addressed to all our customers of any nationality.

1.2. It rewards and motivates our customer (the “Presenter”) who presents KYODAI Remittance to the relatives, friends and acquaintances, encouraging them to register as KYODAI customers and make their first remittance as soon as possible.

1.3. The Presenter and the new member will receive a reward of JPY 1,000 each after the FIRST remittance. If the first remittance does not require a service fee by another promotion of KYODAI, the next remittance shall be deemed the FIRST remittance for the sake of this campaign.

1.4.To participate in this campaign the Presenter must be a user of the KyodaiApp while the new member must use the KyodaiApp and its e-KYC feature to make the registration. Additionally, those registered at our counters, during festival events or in our marketing trips will be allowed to participate in this campaign, provided they become users of the KyodaiApp, except where a KYODAI promoter is involved in the registration. If a registration contains both a promoter code and a Presenter code at the same time, the promoter code will prevail. Both the Presenter and the new customer will be ineligible for this campaign.

1.5. Directors, employees, independent contractors, interns of KYODAI Remittance and KYODAI Market, their family members and relatives are ineligible to participate in this campaign. KYODAI promoters or KYODAI partners' staff are not allowed to participate.

1.6.KYODAI staff may also introduce any new members. In this case only the new member after the first transaction will receive the reward.

1.7. Regarding the conditions of participation established in 1.4, considering that the immigrant communities from Brazil, the Philippines, Peru and other Latin American countries may have a lower degree of familiarity with smartphones, presenters and new members of these nationalities are exempt from being users of our KyodaiApp

1.8. Kyodai Remittance reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or to cancel or alter the Promotion at any stage if deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances arise outside of its control


2.1. The Presenter will propose his referral to jointly enter this campaign providing him the KyodaiApp link, requesting to use the e-KYC feature to register.

2.2. The KYODAI Number of the Presenter must be registered in the “Referral by” field and complete the registration process. This is the main action to be set in order to become parties of the campaign

2.3. Once the registration of the new member is completed, KYODAI will register the Presenter and the new member in a control and follow-up list, to determine the moment of the FIRST transaction.


3.1. Each week a control process will be carried out to control the execution of the FIRST remittance for the customers who belong to the control list.

3.2. The week includes Monday to Sunday, a period in which it will be verified that the new members have made their first remittance and both (the introducer and New member) are KyodaiApp users. If this condition is positive, those pairs of customers on the list go through the process of settlement and payment of the rewards. Payments will be made in the following week. Otherwise, if there is no remittance, they retain their pending status. This control process ends after the FIRST remittance week or on April 30th, 2023, the end of the campaign.

3.3.Payments of rewards will be executed using the Original (physical) QUO cards.

3.4. New Members Gift Cards will be directly sent to their home address while presenters are required to contact us to confirm the current home address which must be the same we have in our system database. Presenters have 60 days to accomplish the address confirmation.

3.5. Presentations and registrations of the year 2023 done prior April 1 will be considered eligible and processed following the rules of the regular edition, getting a reward of 600 yen.

In addition, those registrations done in April that do not accomplish the first remittance in April keep the chance to fit the conditions of the regular edition of the campaign, till December 31.