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KYODAI EXPOFEST PERU - JAPAN 2023[ 2023-07-23 ]


We would like to  present for the first time  "KYODAI EXPOFEST Peru-Japan 2023", a cultural and artistic celebration that will proudly display the best of our rich cultural heritage to the Japanese public.

 On July 23, the modern facilities of Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba we will commemorate the 202nd anniversary of the independence of Peru and to honor 150 years of strong diplomatic relations between Japan and Peru.

It will be an unforgettable meeting where music, art and gastronomy are intertwined in a sincere embrace between our two nations.

Come and celebrate with us!!

Date: July 23

Location: Tokyo Port City Takeshiba

Organizer: Kyodai Remittance

Price: 3000 Yen 

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With the support of: - Embassy of Peru in Japan - Japanese Peruvian Association

Event Program :

Expositors list :