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Mama Arigatou

BIG RAFFLE FOR THE MOM'S MONTH !All remittances sent from 15/04/2020 to 31/05/2020 will participate in the raffle.The raffle will be done on July 8th 2020Each remittance sent from... more >

Kyodai Valentine's Day Campaign Winners

🎉 VALENTINES KYODAI SWEET CAMPAIGN 2020 WINNERS ❤️Thanks to the great reception of this campaign we decided to increase the prizes to 50 boxes of chocolates 😍🛑 We will thank the wi... more >

Kyodai Valentine's Day Campaign

❤️VALENTINES KYODAI SWEET CAMPAIGN 2020 ❤️ Win 32 box of chocolate stuffed with lots of love for Valentine's Day 🍫😍 ⭕️ How to participate ⁉️ ✅ It is very easy and fast ✅ Put on... more >

Kyodai Christmas Campaign

The raffle will be done on 15/01/2020-There is no minimum amount required. All remittances participate in the raffle.-The list of the winners will be published in our webpage and... more >

8th Children's Drawing Contest

THEME:OLYMPICSDESCRIPTION:-Kids from 3 to 11 years old can participate (categories: 3-5 years / 6-8 years / 9-12 years).-You can send 1 or more drawings (until 15/09/2019).-Techniq... more >