About Remittance Service

KYODAI REMITTANCE offers worldwide money transfer with the security and experience necessary. This service is provided by UNIDOS Co. Ltd, under the license number 00004 of Kanto Regional Finance Bureau.

1. The person concerned (i.e. Sender) must be a member of KYODAI REMITTANCE by submitting the appropriate documentation with the filled and signed agreement.

2. To register in KYODAI REMITTANCE, the person concerned must present a valid ID to demonstrate residence status and address.

3. Depending on the remittance amount and purpose, it may be required income information to support the transaction.

4. The person concerned (i.e. be sender / be member) must be 18 years old and/or over and be legal resident in Japan; nationality is not an issue.

5. As a measure to prevent fraud and under the Law of Anti-money Laundering to avoid terrorism funding, Kyodai Remittance is not allowed to do any transactions to North Korea and/or Iran.

5. Before registering, the applicants must agree with the terms and conditions of regulations provided by Unidos Co. Ltd.

Please click here to Download CONDITIONS FOR USAGE OF KYODAI REMITTANCE (need PDF Acrobat Reader)


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